Video          :  American Life

Artist           :  Madonna

Date Released:   2003

Genre          :    Pop


This original video took years before it saw the light of day.  Madonna decided to do a sanitized version of this video which had her singing or lipsynching behind slides showing different flags of different nations.  Surely, Madonna fans found the move very intriguing as she was never known then to make a turnaround.  She decided to use her sensibilities then and decided to pay respects to global emotion the world had suffered then as a result of 911 incident; she was just being sensitive at that time.  Watch the sanitized video here  or click on the link below first before you continue reading this video review.

Now, the original video surfaced on YouTube and it is time to understand what is it all about.  It started with what seemed to be the usual scenes before a fashion starts.  Innocent but knowing Madonna, you know that along in the middle something will happen.  As the video progress, you feel that she was trying to create many statements not just about herself and her American dream but also about terrorism and how it affects people and how some people react to it.

click this link to view the original video

In the video, you would see violent scenes and audiences at the fashion show laughed, smirk, and applauded the whole fashion show.  Personally, I believed that Madonna did not err on her judgment when she decided to delay and showed different video of American Life.  Had this original video been shown at the time to promote “American Life” single which is also the title of her forthcoming album then, she would have been crucified.

Clearly, the images shown in the video was open to a lot of misunderstanding and debate and since it is from Madonna, it would have give haters a field day to shame her for being insensitive.  People would have dwelt on the images instead of the context with what she was trying to say the.  Now,  12  years after, it’s time to look back and see the video and decide with open mind if this is an excellent video or not.  For me, I’d say it definitely ranked in the top 10 as one of her best videos of all time.


Bitch, She’s Madonna Deal With It : Video Review on Bitch I’m Madonna

She’s at it again.  If you think that your prayers are answered that she should act her age, then you need to pray more.  If you are tired praying for it, then you better accept the fact that she’s Madonna and she can do what she wants; put up or you shut up.  The latest video of Madonna which is the third single from her hit less “Rebel Heart” Album has just been premiered over Tidal.  Minutes before this review was written, this writer finally saw it on Vevo.  Prior to watching this video, I have already set some warning signs for myself.

The Warnings

This will not be a groundbreaking video along the likes of “Like A Prayer, Bedtime Story, Frozen, Nothing Really Matters, Human Nature, Take A Bow, Rain, and other iconic videos.  I have already embraced the reality that she no longer is fond of spending so much money to create inspiring music videos, thus you see several videos with her just dancing on a backdrop since “Hard Candy” era.  Second, she is desperate to have a hit, thus when it was announced that this will be a star studded video, I say this is a Madonna video therefore, you will see the A-listers in just a blink of an eye.

The Result

I was glad I warned myself as my hunch was correct.  The video was just pure fun nothing thought provoking.  As always there were lots of teasing moments but not enough to court controversy to help the video go viral.  There she goes again, writhing, kissing a man and a woman.  Since she produced “Celebration” video, it seems that she is now fond of family affairs; Rocco and David are in this video again.

The Good Things

Well, the animated socks were colorful and delightful to watch.  Musically, the song is good the some lyrics will grow on you like “coz I’m a bad bitch,” “go hard and go home,: and of course “bitch, I’m Madonna.  Beyonce looks beautiful “vogueing” in here.

The Bad Things

Wish that she goes back to creating inspiring and amazing music videos.  Chris Rock, what are you doing in this Madonna video. She’s kissing a girl again, it’s time to refrain doing this act.

With these thoughts, I gave it a 3 stars rating out of five stars just for the sake of being a fun video.