You Broke My Heart (Rest In Peace Nick Kamen)

I discovered Nick Kamen during late 80’s not because of his Levis commercial (I still have to see it by the way,) but because of the song “Each Time You Break My Heart.” Not because that he was the artist behind the song but due to a familiar voice singing in the background. It took me quite a long time to discover that the sexy voice belongs to Madonna and from thereon, I became fascinated with both the song and the singer because of the Queen of Pop connection.

Here is the video that made me like him initially

Thus, when I saw his second album in a record store in Zamboanga City, I did not hesitate to buy it and played it immediately as soon as I arrived home. With this record, I even like him more because of Madonna connection again. She sang back up in the song “Tell Me” in this record. The whole album is quite good as it is full of bubblegum pop with easy to like melodies. My favorite tracks in this record are “Steal Love,” “Count on Me,” “Bring Me Your Love,” and of course the one that has Madonna in it.

He released two more records after this which are:

The last two album might be considered as mediocre albums when compared to other acts during his time, but as a Nick Kamen record, these are great albums. Some of the good song in these two records are ‘
  • I Promised Myself
  • Oh How Happy
  • Looking Good Diving
  • You’re Not The Only One
  • Um Um Um Um
  • Take Back My Hand Child

Thank you Nick for the dance music and that sweet voice. I always treasure my favorite songs of yours. Rest In Peace now.

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