ATOM POP Pops Good Music

Album Title                :           ATOM POP

Artist                           :           Atom Pop

Genre                         :           Pop / Synth Pop /Electronica

Year Released         :           2018


I was not expecting a lot when I began to play this record on my electronic player. I was expecting and bracing myself for the worst kind of music I would hear.  This is probably due to the fact that this band is unknown for me and per my inquiry over the internet, Atom Pop is an indie band from Brazil. So, I expected Latin flavored music that will bore me to death. And, I was surprise with this record.  Listening to the first song “SynthPop Memories” motivated me to listen to the whole album without using the forward or skip button.

The first song of this record is indeed true to its title; it did brought memories of some of famous 80’s bands.  I thought this is a Camouflage track written by Pet Shop Boys and sung by the lead vocalist of Information Society or Suede. Listening to “I Want It All” made me to clamor for more song.  The tune is catchy and reminds me New Wave bands which I grew up with. Moving forward to “Nothing Comes Easy,” I hear one of the most delightful bop at the moment.  The song sounded like a Beach Boys track moving into electronica territory.

When I reach “Come On” and “Way Home” I suddenly made a temporary conclusion that perhaps Atom Pop album is a homage to 80’s music as it venture into a “Gene Loves Jezebel” territory.  And the tribute to 80’s music continues with “Atmosphere” as it suddenly urged to listen to Siouxsie and The Banshees “Hongkong Garden” because of the oriental element.

It could have been a perfect album had it not gone a little bit of experimental when it comes to sound.  Atom Pop tried to create a Pink Floyd moment with “Seaside Waltz,” “Colors of Creation,” “In Your Mind,” and “Last Bus Home.”  While the last four songs are not bad, I felt that these did not belong to this record.  They could have created a concept album using these four songs.

As a whole, Atom Pop the band and the album is a delight to listen. I rate this record 4 stars despite the four missteps in the last four songs of the album.


Rating Guide

1 star = ignore it

2 star = take a chance

3 star = buy it and listen

4 star = buy it and keep it

5 star = classic


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