Listen To It Till Midnight If You Want

Album Title                         :               Midnight Drive

Artist                                     :               FR David

Genre                                   :               Pop

Year Released                   :               2014

FR David was an 80’s sensation because of the song “Sahara Nights.”  With a catchy single like that people will definitely buy his album.  More than two decades after, it seems that those who bought his record REFLECTIONS forgot about him and probably that he went into hiatus after that record.  This is the beauty of writing album reviews you got curious and my curiosity led me to his discography which I found on Wikipedia.  I found out that he recorded a new album in 2014 and I downloaded and listen to it.  Here are my thoughts.

The voice is there; soothing and not irritating.  It is like listening to Michael Franks and Mike Francis combined. He sung in this album like he is never mindful if the songs are current or dated.  What is important is that he still deliver the kind of song that his loyal fans expected from him.  The music may sound dated and will never attract new listeners but this is the charm of this record.  It does not force people to listen.  After listening to the whole record, there is a feeling of satisfaction from avid fans and probably some appreciation from new listeners.

This record dwells on the simplicity of music.  It doesn’t have high pitched songs that would make FR David to scream his hearts out.  Instead, he just performed the song like he used to.  No pretention to make an album that tackles social issues but rather songs that dwells on simple thoughts; no deep thinking here.

With that I rate this record 3.0 stars out of five stars. As he sung in “So Good,” baby everything so good and baby everything so fine, feels so good, feels so fine.” But the whole album will not make you lose your mind.

Rating Guide

1 star = ignore it

2 star = take a chance

3 star = buy it and listen

4 star = buy it and keep it

5 star = classic


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