Speaking Your Mind Simply

Album Title                         :               Speak Your Mind

Artist                                     :               Anne Marie

Genre                                   :               Pop

Year Released                   :               2018

From time to time we got to listen to records which might not destine to be a classic album but rather became a personal favorite.  Anne Marie’s 2018 opus titled Speak Your Mind is one of those records. It is not difficult to appreciate the album if you are talking on pure sound trip alone.  While the whole record is a hodgepodge of different genre, the whole record is set to catch your attention just like the debut album of Madonna did three decades ago.

If the producer of this album did not put her image on the album cover, one would definitely conclude that the singer is black as most of the songs have elements of R and B and Soul.  It is like listening to Beyonce while she was with Destiny Childs.  It is the combination of funk, and B, and cute voice makes the whole record endearing that after listening to the whole album you would play it again.  Most of the songs has catchy hooks and refrain.  Some songs have catchy titles like Bad Girlfriend, Trigger, and Rockabye.  It helps that it is loaded with one-word song titles as it will be easy for listeners their favorite songs on this record.

The themes of the song are not so personal but not too preachy either.  Anne Marie is just singing songs that current fans would love to hear and have a good time with it.  With that, I rate this record 3.5 stars. Best songs to listen are HEAVY, CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER, ROCKABYE, FRIENDS, TRIGGER, and BREATHING FIRE. That’s lot songs to enjoy in one record.


Rating Guide

1 star = ignore it

2 star = take a chance

3 star = buy it and listen

4 star = buy it and keep it

5 star = classic


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