A Flicker of Hope for Music

Album                                    :           Flicker

Artist                                      :           Nial Horan

Genre                                     :           Pop

Date Released                       :           2017


From time to time, you get to listen to a very simple album in terms of style and music.  The kind of record that you will cherish to listen as it stands out musically when compared to the current trend.  This album by former member of One Direction is that kind of record.  It is simple yet engaging, it is simple but full of heart. Here is a track by track review of the album.

  1. Fire Away – an engaging melancholic song it reminds you of classic ballads of the 70s.
  2. Flicker- its the consistent timber and tone quaçity of his voice that makes this song worth listening if you are trying to contemplate or sleep.



Screenshot from YouTube

3. Mirrors – its the folk song characteristics  and upbeat at that you will desire to listen to this song repeatedly.

4. On My Own – is a song that you will be mistaken as James Blunt or Zayn Malik. yes the sound is very generic.

5. On The Loose – may not speak of his verstality as an artist but somehow it will speak of his courage to pay homage to old singing groups of long ago like America.

Listen to the song in here

6. Paper Houses – starts like a marching song then evolve like a song that you can sing while enjoying the swing or slide in the park.

7.  Seeing Blind – you can say that this singer is inspired with older artist as in this song you can say this is how Bob dylan amd The Beatles sounds when the two will collaborate in a song.

8.  Since We’re Alone – reminds you again of love song in the early 80 such as Marty Balin’s “Hearts.”

Watch live performance of “Since We’re Alone” in here

9.  Slow Hands – is perhaps the most current in terms of sounds.

10.  This Town – will malke you think of Harry Styles in terms of song quality and musical style.

11. The Tide- is like listening to a bruce springsteen track in the albim Tunnel Of Love.

        12. You and Me – proves that niall has the vocal ability to sing any kind of musical genre.

13. Too Much To Ask – is the weakest song in this album. Watch the video in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljXSjIph5ZM

from too much to ask

Screenshot from YouTube

If you are convinced that music nowadays is no longer about music but generic offering, then this album is a flicker of hope to your desire to listen to a different kind of music.  As a whole, this album can be considered as alternative album because of the retro feel.  I rate this record 4 stars


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