Album                                    :           Fake It Till We Die

Artist                                      :           Anouk

Genre                                      :           Pop

Date Released                     :           2016


It is quite unfortunate that Anouk will become a shadow of Adele.  This is album will not prove just how talented this singer is but somehow listeners especially the first time ones would think that Anouk is a clone of the British female superstar songstress.  This could be attributed to the fact that the songs in this album are songs that Adele would probably sing would include in any of her previous albums if given the chance like in the case of Waste Your Water; she sang this song like Adele is singing in the lower key registration.

Listen to I Just Met A Man in here

However, when one gets to listen seriously with this album, one realizes that Anouk is quite unique and if there is a comparison, she could be compared as Sade’s pop version instead of the jazzy one.  This album is more raw compared with Adele’s last two albums.  Anouk relies on pure musical instruments and feels like a demo version instead of a more polished album like that of Adele.  As a result, one gets to feel the right kind of emotion not only as a reaction to Anouk’s vocal performance but of the lyrics as well.  Perhaps, it was quite a stroke of genius on her part that she shunned away from using too many synths and that she did not drown in the musical background and basked wonderfully on the hidden gem of the song.

Listen to My Man in here

Best tracks to listen to are Brothers and Sisters, My Man (which sounds like a Steve Winwood track,) I Just Met A Man, Burn, Handyman, and Take It Slow.  With that, I rate this record 4 stars out of five stars.

Listen to Burn in here


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