Album                                    :           Melodrama

Artist                                      :           Lorde

Genre                                    :           Pop

Date Released                     :           2017


This album has a good album and listeners expect a confessional album.  What else would you expect if you choose the word MELODRAMA as an album title.  In her first album, Lorde delivered the goods and she was critics favorite and in this record, many are anticipating if she will deliver the much dreaded sophomore album syndrome or will listeners clamor for her third album the soonest time possible.

Watch lyric video here

This second album is perhaps a departure from her first album and is more pop.  It could be attributed that she partnered with some famous names in pop genre like Tove Lo.  Thus, Homemade Dynamite sounds like a re-arranged version of Tove Lo’s I Like Them Young.  It is a departure as she had a piano only ballad with the song Liability. She sang about her being too much in this song, she appeared to be a Janis Joplin clone and perhaps she should do this kind of song very often to feel the void left by Ms. Joplin.

Watch “Green Light” here

In Hard Feelings,  you have a song that can be mashed up to a Madonna song; Body Shop. Thus, cementing further the notion that this is indeed a pop album instead of rock or alternative rock.  And Green Light¸ just prove that she can be a dance artist as well even if the song has some rock hooks.  You just imagine how will the dance mix or remixed version will ignite the dancefloors.  Because of Jack Antonoff involvement in this record, it became more apparent the pop DNA of this record.  And finally, Supercut is the kind of record most pop girls would beg to make it their own.  s

Watch “Hardfeelings/Loveless” here

She succeeded in bringing a more mainstream or pop album.  Maybe, we could say that her own brand of pop record is what listeners are looking for in order to get excited with pop genre again as pop records have become more generic.  With that I rate this record, 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.



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