Album                                    :           Witness

Artist                                      :           Katy Perry

Genre                                     :           Pop

Date Released                     :           2017

Probably, the album title may suggest that listeners should witness a transformation in her in terms of music.  Every pop girl in the world has that album that could be considered as turnaround album.  Thus, Madonna (of course has several game changing albums), Beyonce has Formation, Gaga has Cheek to Cheek, Janet has Rhythm Nation and among others.  Witness is Katy’s turn to sing about ideas close to her heart.  If Madonna has Confessions on the Dancefloor, then this is her album that will make listeners hear her say BULLSHIT to those who affected her.

Watch live version of Swish Swish in here

Thus, she sings about not bragging about not being able to break her in Hey Hey Hey. She wants something new when you want to tell her in Dejavu. She’s wishing somebody for Karma to break on that person in Swish Swish.  She’s brandishing her power and what she can do in Power.  She no longer roar in Mind Maze as was already disenchanted and needed more salvation.  She asked what good it will do if she juggled, struggled, and reopened the wound; and instead she want to save something as draft while taking a deep breath in Saved It As Draft. 

Listen to audio version of Witness in here

Musically, the whole album is a rollercoaster of sounds.  It has upbeat, middle of the road pop, and ballads.  It is in the ballads that she was very effective as musically and lyrically we can say that we are witnessing indeed a new Katy Perry.  In the upbeat songs, do not expect a Teenage Dream type of songs.  In here, you might think that this is a Gwen Stefanni, Beyonce, and Rihanna album merged together when you talk of dance and fast songs.

On first listening, you will find the album generic. But once you are done with second serving, Bon Appetit, it is and you will crave for more listening pleasure with this album.  It will grow on you.  With that, I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.  Grab or download your copy now and cherish it.


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