ALBUM                            :       TOGETHER TILL THE END

ARTIST                            :       MONO INC

YEAR                               :       2017

GENRE                            :       ROCK

The moment you hear the first few bars of the first song in this album, you already feel some problems with the record.  First, musically the album is structured to make it like a Broadway album, even though the genre is rock.  As a result, you have a rock album that weaves a story in each song and some of the songs connect together. However, the stories of the song could not connect with the listeners easily.  Perhaps it is the preachy attitude or lyrics that are the turn off factor. Second, being a narrative album, you get to hear a story.  A story it is but unfortunately, the narrative of the album is quite trite and it uses lots of tried and tried cliché.  Third, the vibe of the whole album has the sound of a cheap record.

Watch “Children of the Dark” in here

With these problems, it is quite surprising that it is still an engaging album.  This could be attributed that to infusion of upbeat rock songs and some of the songs sound like 80’s synth-pop or 80’s rock.  For a narrative album, it is also surprising to take note the lack of rock ballad in this album.

Watch “Across the Waves” in here

It is also a good thing that the album included remix version of some of the songs and indeed the four remixed songs solidified the belief that Mono Inc is better doing at other musical genre. In fact, the remixed version sounded better than the original album version as in the case of the song “Across The Wave.” I rate this record 3 stars.