A New Direction From An Ex-One Direction Member

Song                        :       Sign of The Times

Artist                       :       Harry Styles

Date Released       :       April 2017


There are a lot of things that you can say about the debut song of Harry Styles. First, it can be his “Take A Bow” song, you know the kind of song that motivates people to move on.  But in this song, Harry does not only encourage, he lifts people up. Second, the song is not only a fusion but a merging of styles.  Perhaps, he was just being true to his name when it comes to style.  Third, the song is like a male Sinead O’ Connor “Nothing Compare’s To You.” Or, you can describe the song as being sung by a male Annie Lennox.  Fourth, it is a trip down to memory lane when music was all about good lyrics, hooks, and melodies.

Listen to this new song on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0GKGpObgPY.

The first song of the year candidate is already delivered.  The song is indeed surprising considering his pop background with One Direction.  The video is also simple but complements the sullen atmosphere the song wants to project and at the same time invigorates listeners to move on. Yes, the song is not perfect as you hear familiar refrain from different song favorite of yours but, Harry sang it in a way that he is the original singer of these familiar refrains.

I rate both the song and video of “Sign of The Times” with 5 stars.


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