ALBUM                                 :           ACOUSTIC

ARTIST                                  :           SIMPLE MINDS

GENRE                                   :           ACOUSTIC / POP/ NEW WAVE

DATE RELEASED                 :           2016


Except for “Don’t You Forget (About Me),” “Glittering Prize,” and “See The Light,” there are not too many songs Simple Minds that went mainstream.  Perhaps, it is the musical structure that to some music fans did not make sense for them.  There is this situation that many of the band’s songs are album fillers and sound alike.  It is the lyrics of the songs that set them apart.  However, like most artists, a reworking on song catalogue, they present new gems on their older songs.

This is the case of this album where some of Simple Minds best and ignored songs suddenly became likeable and brilliant.  Here is a track by track review of this album.

  • The American – is a song that indicates that this album is not totally acoustic in the pure sense of the word. It still has the instruments that were used the synths and electric guitar are no longer there.

Listen to “The American” here

  • Promise You A Miracle – sounded like a country and indie track. Proving again that there are gems hidden in Simple Minds catalogue of songs.
  • Glittering Prize – if the original recording was a little bit intense, in this acoustic version, you have Simple Minds more relaxed.
  • See The Light – is a brilliant song and made even more brilliant with this stripped down version and the guitar plucking sound is really pleasant to your ears.

Listen to “See The Light” in this link

  • New Gld Dream – has that cowboy or western spaghetti feel and make you think of Clint Eastwood riding on a horse chasing bad guys.

Watch live performance of “New Gold Dream” in here

  • Someone Somewhere In Summer – in this acoustic version, listeners will discover that the lead vocalist has indeed a seductive and sexy voice.
  • Waterfront – there is a minor failure in this acoustic version as it did not quite depart from the original instrumentation.

Listen to “The Waterfron” in this link

  • Sanctify Yourself – a fun and lively acoustic version of a very serious song.
  • Chelsea Girl – the acoustic version sounds like a Billy Joel track.
  • Alive and Kicking – one proof that you can create many different version of a good song and still make it good.

Listen to “Alive and Kicking” in here

  • Don’t You Forget About Me – yes, who ever thought the song can be delivered acoustically; this version is as engaging as the original version.

Listen to “Don’t You Forget (About Me)”

  • Long Back Train – sounds like a Bob Dylan track.

If you are still hook on 80’s band and new wave thing, this is a good addition to your collection.  I rate this record4 stars out of 5 stars.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it


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