LBUM                                    :           MOONSHINE IN THE TRUNK

ARTIST                                  :           BRAD PAISLEY

GENRE                                   :           Country

Date Released                      :        2014


You know that there are some things that you cannot swallow such as lyrics like “every week has a weekend.” It’s like the songwriter is trying to lump words to create a song regardless if it makes sense or not for as long as there is a song to fill an album.  This is one aspect that catches every country music fans who would listen to this record.  It’s like Brad Paisley is just trying to get unconscious and blurt out words without thinking.  If this is a Christian album, listeners might think that he is experiencing that “gift of tongue” moment.

Watch fan-made video of “American Flag On The Moon” in here

Probably, in this album, he just wanted to let loose and sing just about everything for him to loosen up.  Thus, he sang about a four wheel drive truck that he banged on a four wheel park.  Trying to be patriotic in JFK, American Flag On The Moon, and Country Nation.  He also sang about a girl messing up his senses, of margaritas and bars, and of course the usual truck songs and country love songs.

Sing along to lyric video of “Cover Girl” in here

He is not known to compose sensible lyrics but in this album, he just showed that he is more than vocals and words. In this record, he reminded fans and listeners that he is one good guitarist.  Just listen to “Moonshine On The Trunk” and you would know what I’m talking about.  Or that he has good ear for good old country song; he knows where to put the violins, the guitar fodder, the piano, and the vocals.

Watch live performance of “Moonshine on The Trunk” in here

So, after courting controversies in hi previous album, he went back to his roots but there are no confessions involved. Instead, he just sang what he wanted to say and let loose.  Perhaps, he just wanted to play country idiot once again.  I rate this country album 3.5 stars for just being a fun and loose album and Paisley just prove that you can have a “let loose” album and still avoid producing a messy album.

Watch official video of “CrushinIt” in here


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it




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