ALBUM                                  :           GET UP

ARTIST                                  :           BRYAN ADAMS

GENRE                                   :           ROCK / POP

Date Released                      :        2015



Bryan Adams is one of the most successful Canadian artists and still very active three decades into his career.  Let us find out if he still have what it takes to produce good rock or pop music. The album contains 9 original tracks and 4 acoustic version of some tracks. Here is a track by track review of this album.

  • You Belong To Me – is similar to Bruce Springsteen “Working On The Highway” which was included in BORN IN THE USA album.

Watch “You Belong To Me” on this link

  • Go Down Rocking – it’s like listening to Rod Stewart singing “Wild thing you make my heart sing.”
  • We Did It All – more like a country ballad than a rock ballad. The kind of song that you hear in many country albums.

Watch fan-made video of “We Did It All” in here

  • That’s Rock and Roll – it would be a misnomer if this album lacks songs that really rocks. Another song in this record that will encourage concert fans to get up and rock and roll.

Watch “That’s Rock and Roll” on this link

  • Don’t Even Try – a song that will remind music fans just how good Bryan Adams in crafting love ballads. This time, no wailing and screaming; just pure raw and unplugged music.

Watch official video of “Don’t Even Try” on this link

  • Do What You Got – this track has more or less the same structure with “Summer of 69.”

Watch “Do What You Got To Do” in this link

  • Thunderbolt – the track does not shock like a thunderbolt but rather amuse listeners as it sounds like an old obscure song called “Thai Na Na” and merged with his own version of rock and roll thing.
  • Yesterday Was Just A Dream – this is like a Roxette ballad or nineties glam rock track.
  • Brand New Day – another get up and rock song and this time it sounds like Radiohead meets REM.

Watch official video of “Brand New Day” in here

After listening to the whole album, you will be surprised that it helps you relax.  This is indeed the most fun album of Bryan Adam.  Finally, he made an album that doesn’t pressure listeners and demand to listen to him.  In fact, the tracks in here are encouraging and not only radio friendly but will satisfy different personal taste in rock music.  It is easy to listen to and with that this album deserves a 4 star rating for being not difficult to listen.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it



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