ALBUM                                  :           VOCABULARY

ARTIST                                  :           THE EUROPEANS

GENRE                                   :           NEW WAVE

DATE RELEASED                 :           1983


One thing that you can tell with this album after listening to it is that it has different kinds of vibe.  While it is a new wave album, somehow there are traces of Rolling Stone, Imagine Dragons (if you are to compare it with today’s generation of rock bands), it felt like a punk album by virtue of some songs in here, or it feels like an experiment on sonic and sound.  Here is a track by track of the debut album of The Europeans.

  1. The Animal Song – is the kind of track that is dated in terms of music but as you listen to it, you overlook the fact that it was released eons ago.

Watch official video of “The Animal Song” in here

  1. A E I O U – the band was crafty when they intersperse the track on top of another recording of the same track. It is like listening to vocal background and realized that you might be listening to the echo of the same song.
  2. Voice On The Telephone – is irritating in the sense that the vocal performance somehow mimics a little bit the vocals in “Love Will Tear Us Apart” of Joy Division; especially in the verse part.

Watch fan-made video of “Voice on The Telephone” in here

  1. American People – is like a track from current band Imagine Dragons.

Watch “American People” in here

  1. Falling – started like ULTRAVOX “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” and perhaps the most dated of all songs in this album.
  2. Innocence – sounds like a Rolling Stone track along the likes with “You’re So Cold.”

Watch live performance of “Innocence” in here

  1. Recognition – probably they were following one of the usual formulas of new wave album at that time and that is having a tune for dance clubs.
  2. Spirit of Youth – the year 1983 saw the slow disappearance of punk music, thus it is explainable that they have a punk rock music in this album.
  3. Modern Homes – is like a punk version of their own track “The Animal Song.”
  4. Kingdom Come – you can say that the band’s influence included The Police as the vocal performance sounds like David Sting in this track.
  5. Someone’s Changing – the drum program sounds like a digital Phil Collins in here.

Listen to 12Inch version of “Someone’s Changing” in here

  1. New Industry – is a track that is like an experiment in sounds and sonic.
  2. Going To Work – is probably their answer to 70’s epic rock music.

Revisiting this album after 30 years is like visiting a long lost friend.  Indeed, the album is still either easy to listen or difficultt to understand.  Like a friend of long ago, time does not mean that it can always change everything.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it


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