ALBUM                                 :           TIME FOR FANTASY

ARTIST                                  :           AMII STEWART

GENRE                                   :           JAZZ VOCAL

DATE RELEASED                 :           1988

Disco fans would remember her as the singer of “Knock on Wood.”  Apparently, Amii Stewart is more than a disco diva.  She can tackle jazz too and this album is the perfect evidence of her as a jazz singer. This album was released 25 years ago and it is time to revisit how this album has stand the test of time.  Here is a track by track review.

  • Dusty Road – listening this song in this time where vocal prowess is defined by the singer’s ability to shout and scream, is not a breath of fresh air. This song will help realize music fans today that passion and sincerity is all what it takes to make a simple song sound great.

Listen to “Dusty Road” here

  • Heartache to Heartache – what makes this song not difficult to listen is that you can actually understand the words that she is singing. Even though that this has an upbeat tempo, it did not deter her to enunciate the lyrics properly.
  • Sometimes A Stranger – another typical 80’s song that tried to mimic Whitney Houston’s songs and Amii wasn’t quite successful.
  • Stand – the song lacks some kick if the intention was to make this a personal anthem.
  • It’s You and Me – the sound is so typical musically and sounds generic and Anita Baker fans can mistook it as hers.

Listen to “It’s You and Me” here

  • You Are In My System – no doubt about it that when you revisit this album today, this one will definitely stand as dated by today’s standard of pop music.
  • Window Shopping – perhaps you could say that this track was intended for radio as it sounds like any pop song that Sinitta or Pebbles did at that time.
  • I Still Believe – before Mariah Carey remade this song and owned it, Amii had her version 25 years ago. Mariah’s version is full of vocal acrobatics and Amii Stewart needed only feelings to make her version better than Ms. Carey.

Listen to her version of “I Still Believe” here

  • Run In The Night – there is a little bit of reggae vibe at the first part of the song. Somehow, the vibe disappear and the song sounded like a regular song from a movie soundtrack.
  • It’s A Fantasy – a track that should have made into many different compilations of chill and ambient music. This song is indeed amazing musically as listeners won’t detect that this song was released 25 years ago as it still sound relevant musically.

The album is neither boring nor exciting when you listen to it again. However, you really need to force yourself to listen to the album as there only three tracks worthy of your time; Dusty Road, I Still Believe, and It’s A Fantasy. Thus, it really deserve 2.5 ratings when this album was first released.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it



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