A very disappointing #LadyGaga video considering that this is a lead single.

Denal's Mind

VIDEO                                    :           PERFECT ILLUSION

ARTIST                                  :           LADY GAGA

GENRE                                   :           POP /DANCE /EDM

DATE RELEASED                 :           2016

After three years, the pretender to the throne Queen of Pop has a new song and it’s called Perfect Illusion. According to her promotional stunts, this record is totally different from what she offered.  This time around she fused disco and rock to create a new Lady Gaga sound and she enjoined the help of Ronson, Parker, and Bloodpop.  This single is the lead track for her upcoming Joanne album.

Watch the official video here

As a lead single, there are lots of expectations in terms of music video considering that Lady Gaga’s previous videos like Poker Face, Born This Way, and Paparrazzi had strong, powerful, and memorable visual images.  Sadly, this latest video of hers is not at par with her earlier videos. From the first few images alone…

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