ARTIST                        :        MARIAH CAREY

GENRE                         :        POP

DATE RELEASED      :        1990

Mariah Carey ended up as one of the most enduring, commercially, and critically acclaimed pop stars.  She ranked up there along with Barbra, Madonna, Cher, Whitney, Janet, and Diana.  Thus, it is just right to revisit her first album to celebrate the success of this elusive chanteuse. Here is a track by track review of this album.

  • Vision of Love – is a good starter song as it really captured listeners back then when this song was released as her first single. She soared vocally and musically it was a novelty back then considering that it was the beginning of house music and the intro of alternative rock.

Watch official video of “Vision of Love’ here

  • There’s Got To Be A Way – however, managed to dampened that soaring spirits of the first song. It was quite anti-climactic to hear a political or social song after singing about visions of love.
  • I Don’t Wanna Cry – is an in your face song to prove listeners that her pipes are real and not technologically modified.

Watch official Vevo video of “I Don’t Wanna Cry” here

  • Someday – is the first upbeat song and it showcased her ability to deliver dance music as well.

Watch official Vevo video of “Someday” here

  • Vanishing – is a filler song; it is there just to fill up the album.
  • All In Your Mind – is another filler song and really sounded dated when you listen to it right now. It sound like a reversely constructed or a slower version of a Whitney Houston song called “I’m Your Baby Tonight.”
  • Alone In Love – is like a another Whitney Houston song. Perhaps, her music producers at that time really wanted to take Whitney’s crown at that time.  This track would make you feel like listening to “All The Man That I Need.”

Listen to audio version of “Alone In Love” here

  • You Need Me – is this is an experiment on her part to try other musical genre, then this song just proved to her that she better stick to ballads. This track was surely a confusion both for her and the record producer.  It tried to go rock but decided to shift in the middle.  Perhaps, Janet Jackson took where this song left off thus she created a hit out of “Black Cat” which was probably the reconstructed version of this song.
  • Sent From Up Above – this is probably the hidden gem in this record. It’s like visiting an old track from Motown.

Listen to audio version of “Sent From Up Above” here

  • Prisoner – this track would make you conclude that this first album of Mariah just follow the formula for success for first album. Thus, the whole album is loose and no single theme that holds together.
  • Love Takes Time – the final song in this album, was probably a message to her fans that it would take time to get to her kind of music.

Watch “Love Takes Time” here

Indeed, this album was like a journey to her trying to determine which musical path to thread.  You have a dance tune, love ballads, personal anthem, political and social message track, love yourself song, romance, heartache, rock like tune, a rap overture, and other themes.

As an initial effort, it was formulaic and merely shove to listeners that you have a singer with wide range of vocal pipes.  This was the unique proposition at that time for Mariah Carey.  The first album was indeed a time to discover both for music fans and Mariah Carey and fortunately, the discovery did not end up finding an El Dorado for this album but it was a good path towards a successful career. I still rate this album 3 stars out of 5 stars.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it



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