ALBUM                                 :           AMPLIFIED HEART

ARTIST                                  :           AMPLIFIED HEART

GENRE                                   :           POP / FOLK / ACCOUSTIC

DATE RELEASED                 :           1994


Revisiting an old favorite is like visiting a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time.  You realized that some things should not be left unattended.  Like this album, that it is worth listening to it when you need to express the inner you.  This album is like a collection of confessions about broken romance.  Thus, the title is aptly titled AMPLIFIED HEART as all the songs in here are expressions of the things in a relationship that went awry or saving a treatise on how to survive relationship, or a manual on how to work out a relationship about to be broken.

Thus, you have a song about being disenchanted in a relationship where you saw things changed unexpectedly.  Here is a track by track review of this album.

  • Rollercoaster – the samba-like musical structure introduced listeners to a very personal thought but not to make them feel the angst but make listeners hopeful about the negativity in a broken relationship.

Watch live performance of “Rollercoaster” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFak15Me4l4

  • Troubled Mind – if you listen closely, the guitar background sounded like the guitarist is doing plucking “Dance With Me” by the Orleans instead of strumming the guitar. Perhaps, this song tries to send the message to the other to get out of troubled mind and meet each other minds as what Orleans song stated “I want to be your partner can’t you see” instead of singing the part in “Troubled Mind,” ‘when you bring me down, you bring me down too.”

Listen to “Troubled MInd” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxPbLy7uLlM

  • I Don’t Understand Anything – is an honest song that deals with feelings. It has straightforward lyrics like “oh, but even though I share your bed, baby, I don’t get inside your head. “ The string arrangement added to the serenity of the songs instead of feeling more confused of not being able to understand.
  • Walking Into You – is something that most people having doubts in relationship would ask. This song talk about patronizing because they thought that they love them but once the ghost of the past comes back, they begin to question current reality.

Listen to “Walking Into You” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SBBuj4O0W0

  • Get Me – is quite an unexpected song musically. It is like hip-hop meets acoustic. There is even some splashes of industrial sound in some parts of the song and that you could somehow mistook this as a Bjork track considering that there are some edgy lyrics in here like “I’m a stone inside a box, and I’m a spring inside a clock.”
  • Missing – the best of this song is that EBTG tried to make the song avoid cliché and perhaps the only part of this song that is cheesy is Tracey Thorn singing “I miss you like the dessert miss the rain.”

Watch official video of “Missing” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4sPkS8b62Q

  • Two Star – could be construed as moving on from divorce song. And one realizes that as he or she moved on, one begins to question on what one saw in the other.
  • We Walk The Same Line – this song can be used as personal anthem because not only the musical background is light and alive, the lyrics is full of wholehearted support for the other one. So, how can one not fall in love again when you have this kind of emotional support.
  • 25th December – musically, this song is like a Beach Boys or Peter Paul and Mary during the sixties thus, this song is quite out of place in this album where it spoke about love, relationship, and moving on.
  • Disenchanted – perhaps this song is the continuation of their earlier song “Apron Strings.” In that song, it talks about loneliness and pining for someone who is never there always.  In this song, that one has decided to take a chance again but only if the other one is up for the challenge of taking a dive into the relationship again.

Listen to “Disenchanted” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF0urQiqv_c

If you want to amplify your heart to the other person and do not have the courage to do so, make the other person listen to this album and give him or her ideas on what’s on your heart and mind.  The album is timeless thus, it deserves frequent visits from listeners who want to express themselves clearly about love, relationship, taking a chance again, and just anything about romance in trouble. If I had reviewed this album the first time it was released, I would have rated this album 4 stars but listening to it right now, I decided that this record deserves 4.5 stars.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it



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