ALBUM                                 :           THE COLOUR IN ANYTHING

ARTIST                                  :           JAMES BLAKE

GENRE                                   :           AMBIENT / EDM / POP

DATE RELEASED                 :           2016


This album started quite a heady for you.  The first track “Radio Silence” is like listening to a mash-up of different songs that doesn’t complement each other.  It is like listening to two different songs played together.  Unfortunately, the same kind of musical style or structure can be found in majority of the tracks in this album; the first three song notably (Radio Silence, Points, and Love Me In Whatever Way.]  However, once you get to finish the first song and move on to other tracks, you could say that somehow this album is fresh to your auditory senses; that is if you haven’t listen to any early James Blake album at this point in time.

Listen to “Radio Silence” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTglDb7qjvQ

In addition, if you are really a music addict, you could also say that the musical style of this album is not really new but has been already done before.  Thus, you can feel a Terence Trent D’ Arby vibe in this record, lyrically, you can also say that there is “Amplified Heart” album characteristics of Everything But The Girl, and young ones would say that this is a male version of any Lana del Rey album.

Listen to “I Need A Forest Fire” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAJgs1P-uUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAJgs1P-uUE

What makes this album great is that it will really ignite your senses.  Just like listening to “Noise Above The Head,’ you can feel your spine tingling listening to his vocals soar in the refrain and telling himself he deserve better than himself.

Watch live performance of “The Colour In Anything” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBCEqwbF0io

The ambience of the whole album is quite introspective but a happy one however.  For example, in “The Colour of Anything,” might be bleak because of the piano and vocal treatment of the song, but once you get to hear the words “you must not be looking, you must not be trying like I’m trying; but I can listen for the sounds you’re making; And how I love your story, and how I wanted to follow you and paint it,” is quite a happy introspection.  Even when he is singing about separation, the mood is still a happy when you consider these words in “My Willing Heart’ that goes “ you’re still on my screen, every now and then, there’s a glare from the sun looking safe on you.”

I don’t know with other people but “Two Men Down” is like listening to “Billy Don’t Fall” by Terence Trent D’ Arby.  Both are enigmatic in terms of the spectrum of the theme even though that the lyrics are straightforward, musically they do not sound alike though.

Listen to live performance of “Love Me In Whatever Way” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFTMGWY2wm0

Indeed, personally I feel like I have listened to this album before.  What makes it fresh is that this one is more polished with other ambient records I took notice before.  Second, the theme of self-realization that is mostly positive is a welcome relief as you would not feel downtrodden after listening to this record.  This is why this is the kind of ambient album that you should listen to if you are in state of relaxation.

With that I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.


1 stars = Ignore it

2 stars = risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 stars = buy, keep, and treasure it



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