A very objective review on Madonna’s Bedtime Stories album.

Denal's Mind

Fresh from the backlash that received by simply overloading the public with her SEX persona, you think that Madonna would retreat and apologized.  No, she didn’t, instead she just created a template for all apologetic bitches out there. With BEDTIME STORIES, she castigated the public for being hypocrites and practicing double standard when it comes to everything she represented with SEX, MONEY, POWER, WEALTH, POPULARITY,  among others.  People and even loyal fans were not keen on accepting her ideas as they wanted her to apologize for the SEX overload.

She gave the public Bedtime Stories as her “Sense and Sensibilities” take on just everything that she was accused of not only during the SEX era but from the start of her career.  BEDTIME STORIES album is actually a brilliant album and to prove my point here is a link on an album review revisiting this great album from Madonna twenty…

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