ARTIST               :        CLIVE GRIFFIN

GENRE                :        POP

DATE RELEASED:        1991


Clive Griffin had a huge success when he duetted with Celine Dion for a Sleepless in Seattle movie sound in the  cover version of “When I Fall In Love.”  But prior to that, he had a very respectable solo album which generated songs like “Step by Step.”  In his first album, music fans were treated to a vocal quality which is kind similar with that of Rick Astley.  However, his songs were leaning towards standard pop and jazz instead of dance and pop songs.  His first album was not considered a moderate hit as it failed to generate a hit single for him.

Watch “When I Fall In Love” video here

Perhaps, he was able to snag a second album by virtue of his celebrated duet with the French – Canadian diva and probably his record producers were banking on a miracle because of this.  It is a huge challenge indeed.  Unfortunately, this second album did not deliver as expected and it tanked.  And it is quite unfortunate when you consider the fact that this album has several good songs.

  • Don’t Me Cry – you might find it quite interesting considering that this song has a vibe of “The Lion King” soundtrack.
  • Heaven Can Wait – is very relaxing and makes you want to play Deon Estus’ “Heaven Help Me.”

Listen to “Heaven Can Wait” here

  • I Am – has a sound and vibe that is similar to Madonna’s version of “Fever.” The drum program is inviting listeners to close their eyes and imagine swaying their hips very sexily.
  • I Wanna Feel Love – is like a slower version of James Ingram’s “Yah Mo Be There” and even the vocal performance is quite similar.
  • I’ll Be Waiting – despite its silly lyrics, this song can fill up dancefloors.

Watch “I’ll Be Waiting” official video here 

  • It’s Your Life – a very generic song and at this time, you can say that the whole musical arrangement is really dated when you listen to it right now.
  • Love Is A River – a very typical easy listening music and you can really say that this is the kind of song that are appropriate as elevator music.
  • Make Me Believe – there is nothing great in this song as you have heard many songs that are sax and vocal combo.
  • Reach For The Top – this is so very nineties and in fact, it sounds like the dance version of “You’ll Never Get To Heaven” which was so very popular in the early nineties.

Watch “Reach For The Top” video here

  • Take A Little Time – this is perhaps the most polished song in this album and if only some of the songs in here were treated the same, it could have sounded better.

What makes some of the songs in here are delightful to listen to is of course the voice of Clive Griffin.  It is not so difficult to listen even if he was scaling some notes.  And this alone guarantee listeners that they will have great time listening to this record.  With that I rate this record 3 stars out of 5 stars.


Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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