ALBUM TITLE                        :        THE VIOLENT FLAME

ARTIST                                   :        ERASURE

GENRE                                    :        POP / DANCE / ELECTRONICA

DATE RELEASED                   :        2014


The first track is called “Be The One” and for loyal fans, Erasure is the one when it comes to dance/electronica or EDM as what it is called today.  But the question is is the one album where Erasure fans would be delighted to own one like what they felt with “The Innocents” and “Pop” album?  Here is a track by track review of this 2014 album and their 16th studio album from this British new wave band that went on to become one of the most endearing synth pop artists ever.

  • Be The One – perhaps will tickle the memory of fans with their older hits like “Always.” It started with a familiar refrain with their song “Drama” but it did not soar and the musical structure remain like an slow jam ballad.

Listen to the remix version here

  • Dead of the Night – is a generic synth pop and you heard this kind of song not only with Erasure but with other similar artists as well like Pet Shop Boys.
  • Elevation – could be like another song along the tradition of “A Little Respect” and “Chains of Love” but somehow it fell short of good hooks that these two songs were famous with.

Listen to Elevation here

  • Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summer Da) – here is a track that is more like a real Erasure pop song. It has catchy melody, the usual vocal, and the vibe that will lure people to the dance floor.
  • Heavenly Action – is like a reworking of “Sometimes.” But just the same, the song has a certain charm that listeners will not think that it is a reworking and instead will see this as a unique song.  The song is indeed heavenly and you will really sing along in the chorus line.  The whole song is crafted like an 80’s song from Erasure.
  • Hideaway – here is a song that could match the “Chains of Love” musically and lyrically. In “Chains of Love, Erasure talked about relationship gone awry.  In this song, the duo probably talked about asking parents if they are still proud of their little boy after he came out of his own sexuality. That is why the most important lyric here is “learn to be brave.”

Watch the live performance of Hideaway here


  • Paradise – what is interesting in this song it that it has industrial sounds embedded in the song. This made the song more bouncier and don’t have to beg people for hands in the air moment.

Listen to the remix version here

  • Promises – if you have reach at this point listening to this album, it can only mean that you were curious as to how the whole album progress towards the end. This track just connect the dots in terms of musical cohesiveness.  While the tracks can be considered generic, at this point, you yet to have to conclude that the album is not well crafted.
  • Under the Wave – and the beat goes on, when you reach this song, you are at your liveliest moment. In fact, in has been quite a long time that you listen to a whole album that will make dance all throughout since Madonna’s “Confessions on A Dancefloor.”

Listen to the remix version here

  • Reason – what started as a piano intro, morphed into a song that will remind you of Pet Shop Boys remake of “Always on My Mind.”

Watch a live performance of this song here

  • Sacred – sounds like a remix version of their older songs like “Blue Savannah.”

Listen to the remix version here

Watch the video here

  • Smoke and Mirrors – you might think that this song is out of place in this record but just like your physical fitness and exercise routine, you need to slow down and what a slow down doing it with a song that could fit as 50 Shades of Grey or Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Listen to the remix version here

  • Stayed A Little Late Tonight – catchy tune but dreamy at the same time.

This album is not unique but will keep you moving and dancing.  It is a good soundtrack for your physical fitness and exercise moments or while doing deep cleaning at home; that is if you want to listen it in the confines and comfort of your home.  But, if you want dancefloor moments for your parties, this is the right album to play as you do not need to use your forward button or rearrange the order.  This is a two CD album where the 2nd CD contain live performances of some of  the songs along with their older hits in the first CD.  There is a third CD in the limited edition and it contain remixed version of the first CD.

I rate this record 3.5 stars because it made dance early in the morning.


Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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