ALBUM TITLE                        :        WRITTEN IN SCARS

ARTIST                                   :        JACK SAVORETTI

GENRE                                    :        POP

DATE RELEASED                   :        2015


It is wrong for music critics to label Jack Savoretti as the new Paolo Nittini when he surfaced in 2015.  In the first place, the similarity is only with the voice; both are gifted with voice than sends shivers in your spine or create butterflies in your stomach.  Yes, Jack Savoretti has a distinct voice but also sings more pop songs than Paolo Nuttini.  In fact, you can compare this album that were released by Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and other pop balladeers.

This is his fourth album and you wonder how come that this half Italian half American singer has escaped your attention.  Well, it could be due to the fact that based on this album, his previous records were not to pop for the common music fans.  However, if you are fond of watching TV, you might have heard his earlier recordings as many of his songs were used as soundtracks in many popular TV series and in films of course.  This album is a pop album but also can be considered as an artistic endeavor.  You have songs that are considered as ballads but has a musical accompaniment like an alternative rock like in “The Other Side of Love.”

Watch video here

There are songs that are pure music instead of relying on EDM technology and makes you listen and go back in time where Simon and Garfunkel rule the airwaves; “Nobody “Cept You” is the kind of song that reminds you that folk and country songs don’t have to be boring and high falutinous. In “The Hunger,” you can say that he indeed can deliver songs that are radio friendly and even better.

Watch vide here

As a whole, this album is not guaranteed to join the ranks of classic album of all times, but it doesn’t mean that this is not an excellent album.  Well, as an adventurous listener, you should take time to listen to this record and savor his voice and his songs.  There are no boring songs in here and you will definitely wish that you could see him singing live.

With that I rate this record 3.5 stars because his voice offers something unique when auto-tune is prevalent nowadays.


Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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