ALBUM TITLE                        :        RIVER OF DREAMS

ARTIST                                   :        BILY JOEL

GENRE                                    :        POP

DATE RELEASED                   :        1993


When you have a critical and commercial album most of the time in your career, the pressure is always there to top the latest successful album. In Billy Joel’s case, he did not only top it with this album but also released one of the most endearing albums from him.  There are so many things to love in this record such as it is totally unpredictable.  For example, you would expect in the track “The Great Wall of China” for him to use oriental instrument or have the song an Asian vibe, instead he just fashioned the song in the manner which he did with his older hits.

Another endearing factor in this record is that, the songs in this album are like revisiting his early records.  Thus, you have songs that sound like older hits or some tracks are considered not too pop for everyone. In fact, it is like listening to the Glass House album.  One more thing, the vocal performance feels like he did not age after all these years.  He sounded like he did twenty years ago.

There are also several good tracks in this record such as “The River of Dreams” which feels like you are experiencing what Huckleberry Finn experienced in Mark Twain’s novel.  “All About Soul” is like a continuation of “I Go To Extremes,” that is musically.  “No Man’s Land” is an excellent opening track and it provided the idea what the album is all about; that is unpredictability at its best.  “Two Thousand Years” follows what he is know with as one of his best assets; performing piano and vocals only tracks.  This track will surely remind you of his “New York State of Mind” track.  “Famous Last Words” is like an ode to his An Innocent Man album.

This album deserved the Grammy nominations it earned when it was released 20 years ago.  It is time Billy Joel fans revisit this album and enjoy its unpredictability.  It also important to note that this record has one of the best album covers of all time.  The album cover was painted by her then wife Christine Brinkley.  With that this album deserves an upgrade to 4 stars rating.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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