ALBUM TITLE                        :        UNBREAKABLE

ARTIST                                   :        JANET JACKSON

GENRE                                    :        R AND B / POP

DATE RELEASED                   :        2015


For an artist who has not released a single, video, or a full length album for seven years, clearly there is a lot of expectation for this latest Janet Jackson solo effort.  Up until this time, she still suffers from malicious insinuation that she would not make it had it been her last name is not that of the famous and notorious Jackson.  It is a good thing that the album was not hyped prior to its commercial release as there would have been huge disappointments after listening to the whole record that is if you do not like to be generous with her in terms of record review.

For someone who has been absent for seven years, there is that assumption that his record is loaded with great tracks destined to be classics like “Control”, Love Will Never Do Without You,” Escapade”, Together Again,” and many others.  Here is track by track review.

  • Unbreakable – the intro feels like a rework or rehash of her late nineties hit “Together Again.”
  • Burn It Up – sounds like a Mariah Carey dance version of her hit songs with rappers in them such as “I Know What You Want.”
  • Damn Baby – there is nothing great in this record. If Madonna was accused of trying to be Rihanna in “Unapologetic Bith,” so does Janet Jackson in this song.
  • The Great Forever – she’s at it again trying to multi-layer her songs with her own vocals.
  • Shoulda Known Better – very Motown and one of the most delightful songs in this record and as usual, she is still fond of semi-autobiographical songs.
  • After You Fall – in this track, there is an insinuation that she wants to recreate the charm of “Let’s Wait A While.” However, she ended up trying to sound it like “Someone Like You” by Adele because of the piano back-up.  It’s worth the risk but not as charming as “Let’s Wait A While.”
  • Broken Hearts Heal – fortunately she made a catchy tune to honor his brother. But, somehow the listeners cannot make a connection with her lyrics.
  • Night – this track can be seen as a homage to disco days. It is also a track that you could have found in her “Velvet Rope” album; full of sexual innuendos.
  • No Sleep – this track proves once and for all that Janet Jackson like Madonna, cannot veer away from Sex themes.
  • Dream Maker – Euphoria – has lofty intention in terms of lyrics; during the first few stanza of course. When she reached the chorus or refrain part of the song, she decided to make it another The Velvet Rope track.  Musically, she tried to create a dreamy ambience but did not do it successfully.  Had she made use of EDM instruments, she could have pulled it off well.
  • 2 B Loved – you can mash up this song with that of Ciara and Missy Elliots’ “1, 2 Step.”
  • Take Me Away – another rehash type of track and this time she recreated “Someone To Call My Lover.”
  • Promise – is quite unfortunate that she did not make this a full length track. There seems to be a lot of promise in this 57 seconds track.
  • Lessons Learned – the most boring song in this album.
  • Black Eagle – the track that totally destroy the cohesiveness of this record. While it is personal in terms of lyrics, the spiritual insinuation in this track seems like out of place where sex, homage, and confession is the order of the day in this album.
  • Well Travelled – another boring track. You cannot decipher if she is making a musical experiment or just trying to fill the album with more tracks just to have more songs in it to please the fans who clamoured for more records because of the seven year absence.
  • Goin’ B Alright – after you listen to this record, you will ask if did she miss her brothers much and that she created a track that sounds similar to what Jackson 5 had offered during the seventies.

Over-all feel of the record is that it is not totally a mess after all.  Yes, she did attempt to create the vibe of her early hits (this is probably why her record producers in Control, Rhythm Nation, and Janet were here in this record), and had she opted to work with different producers, I say it is a mess.  Fortunately, her objectives (probably) in this record is just to connect with fans and non-fans.

With these things in mind, she did it successfully, thus the record deserves a 3.5 star rating.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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