ALBUM TITLE                        :        DON’T TELL A SOUL

ARTIST                                :        THE REPLACEMENT

GENRE                                 :        ROCK / PUNK

DATE RELEASED                   :        1989

It is quite a pity that this punk or rock band did not yield a number one album or record during their productive years between 1981-1990.  If only for this 1989 album, you would be convinced that The Replacement deserved at least a top ten record at the least.  This record is probably the most radio friendly of all the albums they produced.  It has melodies that are pleasant to your ears, friendly lyrics that is easy to understand and decipher, and relax ambience where angst is not the norm in this record.

The first track “Talent Show,” is quite raw in treatment and you would think that this is college band pretending to be a superstar rock band.  As you listened track by track, you would be feel that your mood and like factor to this band improves.  It gets more fun especially when you reach “We’ll Inherent The Earth.” You would empathize with the band’s desire to rule the world through their tracks.  The band even had more fun with “Achin To Be.” The track is quite similar to what The Cure, The Alarm, and REM offered during their musical peaks.

The band was also adventurous in this record as they tried successfully to merge “do woop pop” with rock. It’s like listening to a classic Beach Boys track in Pet Sounds album. They experimented further in “Anywhere’s Better Than Here.” As a result, you have a track that is worthy of any Styx classic merged with Johnny Cash style of country music; removed the rock instruments and you have a good old country song hidden in this record.  “Asking Me Lies” is one track that proves that the music of this band is timeless.  You can feel that the sound of this track is quite contemporary and not dated; the kind of track that Imagine Dragons will perform.

After 25 years, this record is still as good as the first time you listen to it.  With that, this record deserved a 4 star rating. Best track in this record is “I Won’t.”

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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