ALBUM TITLE                               : LOVE SONGS FOR ROBOTS
ARTIST                                            : PATRICK WATSON
GENRE                                            : POP
DATE RELEASED                         : 2015

There is certain coldness in the whole structure of the album. You feel daggers pointing at you yet you won’t try evading it as you are convinced that no one will embrace to help you. This is quite ironic as the songs may plead and beg not to pity the singers asking for comfort not for him but towards other people, yet the lyrics want to defy emotion. It is like being soul less in a poem full of compassion. For example, in “Good Morning Wolf,” Patrick Watson tried to sympathize with someone who is a puppet of the other yet, the musical background feels like a celebratory music or like a ritual sounds announcing the coming of the slayer.

Another characteristic of this record is that it has full of drama. It feels like the singer is drowning and asked to be saved. Yet, there is nothing pleading in the whole musical structure, the orchestral and rock instrumentation drives listeners to run away from the pleadings and instead just let listeners drown also in the liquidity of the tracks. You can feel this experience with “Bollywood” where the singers vocal is being drown by the instruments and listeners don’t care with Watson’s begging instead will prefer to enjoy the wading ambience of the track; listening to this track feels like floating in the sea. If you want a song that will let you drowned, try listening to “Turn Into The Noise,” and you will be treated with a track that is loaded with noise yet, there is a whole lot of hushing in terms of atmosphere in the song.

If there is one thing that you can associate Patrick Watson with, that is Lana Del Rey. This is evident in the song “Hearts;” soothing vocals, loud musical background, and ambient in structure. The song tried to avoid being voyeuristic in a lover’s quarrel and drive away listeners to eavesdrop through loud instrumentation. “Grace” is another song that has Lana del Rey trademark; sounds like faster beat “Blue Jeans.” In “Alone In This World,” you have a song that is Jason Mraz “Im Your’s” meets Beck’s “Heart of A Drum” musical structure.

“Know That You Know” is the coldest song in this track and you can feel in the song how cold it is the outside he is singing about when he saw her standing there. The whole song ambience becomes more frigid as his vocal in here is really chilling. The album ends with “Places You Will Go” which suggests that Patrick Watson is trying to escape the frigidity of his environment. Unfortunately, the final track is just as cold as the other tracks.

I rate this record with warm 3.5 stars for breaking some monotony in my listening pleasure.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it
2 stars= risk it
3 stars = borrow or buy it
4 stars = buy it and keep it
5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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