ALBUM                                   :    BUSH

ARTIST                                  :    SNOOP DOGG

GENRE                                   :  R & B / HIPHOP

DATE RELEASED                    :   2015


Pharrel Williams is hot right now and working on a project with Snoop Dogg would definitely make Dogg fans curious if Williams can spell his magic. It has been a long time Snoop had a real hit.  I was expecting a boring album and I was surprised that Snoop did not repeat his style and let his record producers do wonder in all the tracks in here. As a result, you have a not so pop album but very delightful. You have an R and B album that is not so black instead you feel that Snoop is white in this record.

Here is a track by track review on this record.

  •   California Roll – again, he is not ashamed to flaunt his love for the weed and flaunt it again in this song.
  •   This City  – if you are expecting the usual blah bla bla how bad the city black artist grew up with, then you will be surprised with the context Snoop sung about his city. This is probably one of the most fun songs in this record.  The lyrics are not serious instead just urged listeners to let down their hair.
  • R U A Freak – teases and invite you to give in to your sensuality and get that sexual eruption you want to have.
  • Awake – this is probably the “Blurred Lines” in this record.  The tune is very catchy.
  • So Many Pros – is a song that makes you want to reminisce your club moments and another catchy tune in this record.
  • Peaches N Cream ft Charlie Wilson – is a song that will make you think twice as it resembles any song produced by Timbaland instead of Pharrel Williams.  Thus, after listening to this record, you find feel that this song is quite out of place in this album.
  • Edibles – again, flaunts his love for marijuana as edibles refer to food like cookies for example that can be loaded with weed.
  • I Knew That – another track that relished club moments and it has seventies groove also.
  • Run Away – has some musical structure that will remind you of Madonna’s “Everybody” especially in the intro.
  • I’M Ya Dogg – is the usual filler song that  artist need when they ran out of ideas.  It is a pity that Snoop included this song otherwise, this would have been a great record for him.

Yes, Pharrel Williams magic worked wonderfully in this record. I rate this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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