ALBUM REVIEW               :           DO IT AGAIN (EP)

ARTIST                                  :           RoYSKOPP AND ROBYN

GENRE                                  :           EDM / POP / DANCE

DATE RELEASED               :           2014


Robyn is one performer whose fame did not move forward with her famous hit. For example, it took Rihanna quite a long time to make people forget that she has hits other than “Umbrella.” Robyn still has to pass this recognition where listeners will no longer associate her with “Do You Know (What It Takes)” which was a worldwide dance hit during the nineties, instead, they can cite other songs from her.  In this record, it is not surprising for her fans and other music lovers to want another song that can be associated with her.

In this record, she collaborated with Norwegian electronic duo RoySKOPP.  If you are thinking of her doing another nineties groove song, you might find a little bit uncomfortable listening to the first song in this record; “Monument.”  Yes, it is not so typical of her to do this kind of song. It is a kind of song that you will not hear in dance clubs, instead in many ambient music anthology.  There is even a little bit of tribal element in this song coupled with sax interlude towards the ending.  As a result, you have a more or less confusing musical direction in here and for her.

In the next song “Sayit,” you will find an instrumentation which you have already heard in some of Giorgio Moroder dance or disco hits and some musical elements of electronica flavor during the 90’s.  Thus, here is another confusing song for Robyn; she is producing something which was already exploited several times over and those who exploited it have move on to another musical level or endeavour or faded into oblivion.

The title song “Do It Again,” can be considered as an improved version of any dance hits popularized by Kylie Minogue during the 90’s especially the vocals that Robyn did in this song which is so very Kylie. But it doesn’t mean that the song is not good. In fact, it is very catchy and danceable and will remind you 90’s dance hits.

“Every Little Thing” will make you grab the CD cover (if you bought a physical copy of this album) or check your player who the artist is. This song has a song intro very similar to bands like Camouflage, Depeche Mode, and other industrial bands or new wave groups during the eighties and early 90’s.  The track “Inside The Idle Hour Club,” has a very good song title and naturally you will expect a very good record in here.  It has long introduction that is similar soundtrack in some sci-fi movies.  While listening to this record, you will realize that Robyn vocals is nowhere found or not very obvious in the whole track.

I rate this collaboration 2.5 stars out of 5 stars for not being able to produce at least one memorable track since this is a collaboration of good talents.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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