These Are Depeche Mode Sounds Not Of The Universe


ARTIST                           :       DEPECHE MODE

GENRE                            :       POP / ALTERNATIVE ROCK

DATE OF RELEASED      :       2009

It seems that Depeche Mode was quite stuck up with the musical style they have dabbled so well in the album “Songs of Faith and Devotion.”  In the early years of their career, the band was able to play well with synthesizers creating classic tunes like “Just Can’t Get Enough, Working on the Pipeline, Master and Servant, People Are People” just to name a few.  That time, synthesizers for this band were just a tool to make upbeat and fun tunes.  With the release of Songs of Faith and Devotion album, it seems that the band has found another use of synthesizers which is to help make their sound and music more emotionally appealing.

The most emotional song in this album is probably “Wrong” as it tells about someone not making a choice as some things are embedded already like a natural order and you can do nothing about it.  In “Fragile Tension,” the band sounded like U2 and even sing songs the Irish band of performing; being mystical about obsession which you already heard in many U2 songs such as “Stay (Far Away, So Close).” On the other hand, “Fragile Tension” can be a homage to their early works as it sounds like any soft ballads that they did during the 80’s.

“Little Soul” is a unique referral to singing a song about conscience and how it shape person’s life.  The song is musically structured in a manner that listeners will agree that industrial music can be soothing and relaxing too.  Oh! There is also a guitar riff that sounds like you heard it with Radiohead.  While “In Sympathy” may sound like a demo version of “Enjoy the Silence,” this is probably one of their latest works that should be push to current listeners to make them aware just how good this band is.  With “Peace,” the band goes back to its roots which is synthesizers used as background music that is just for fun even though the song talks about bitterness and regrets with life.

Surprisingly, “Come Back and Perfect” do not sound like dated even if these songs are already more than 6 years old.  In fact, you can treat these songs as any of “Imagine Dragons” songs in their latest album.  The intro music in “Miles Away/ The Truth Is” is like a mosquito circling around your ear trying to enter your drum and this is the whole feel of the song, it will really linger in your mind.  There is an element of surprise in the song “Jezebel” as the vocal is quite different; not the usual, in fact it sounded like a cross between Elvis Presley doing modern rock and Boy George singing glam rock.  Unfortunately, “Corrupt” and “Oh Well” feels like B sides record given some integrity in this record.

I rate this album with 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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