Still Worth The Hunt After All These Years

ALBUM                             :      HUNTING HIGH AND LOW

ARTIST                      :      A-HA

GENRE                       :      POP / NEW WAVE

DATE OF RELEASED :      1985

It was 30 years ago when the world discovered A-Ha with “Take On Me” through MTV.  The accompanying video of their global hit was quite groundbreaking then.  Three decades later, the song is still endearing not only among loyal fans but to those who heard the song several times as well.  Let us revisit HUNTING HIGH AND LOW where this song was included and review the whole album track by track.

  • Take on Me – there is no need to dissect this song as this is really a good song not only at that time but until today.
  • Train of Thought – the musical structure of the song indeed mimic the fast speed of train; there is no stopping down in terms of melody in the whole song.
  • Hunting High and Low – not quite the seduction song you are searching for in a song although the musical background feels like it.
  • The Blue Sky – is a great example of how to create an engaging song that is heavy on synthesizers. At that time, most new wave songs rely heavily on synths without creating good hooks and melodies thus, many new wave songs tend to be generic.
  • Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale – one of those drama songs that A-Ha is good at. Yes, this band has quite a knack of writing songs to fill an album that is narrative in nature and complement it with good musical arrangement.
  • The Sun Always Shine On TV – one of the reasons why this record was a must have album during the eighties.
  • And You Tell Me – the only weak spot in the whole album.
  • Love Is Reason – more reasons that you should listen to this record. An unusual melody for loss of love.
  • I Dream Myself Alive – this song is not a filler song if you will put into context that this band came from Norway thus, this kind of song is probably engaging among Norwegian.
  • Here I Stand Alone For The Rain – for a filler song, this is rather creative; having an opera as song intro then went on with the usual song heavy on synth. This is a filler song in this album when you consider that variety and uniqueness of the individual songs in this album.  It seems that there is a limit to their creativity.

Thirty years after, the album may sound dated, but when you consider the melodies and the vibe of the whole record, this is more palatable if compared with some of radio friendly albums released at this point in time.  I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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