Album Review :        REBEL HEART (DELUXE EDITION)

Artist            :        MADONNA

Genre           :        POP / DANCE/ EDM /

Date Released:         2015

She was criticized on her previous album MDNA as she was trying too hard to be relevant and her songs in that album was not befitting of woman at her age.  Critics were quick to point out about her reference to herself as a girl not a woman.  Despite those criticisms, she just offered a shrug of her shoulders.  In this record, she did not try to be relevant; she just want to defy expectations.  She is a woman of her own expectations and nothing can stop her on what she wants to sing about.

Somehow this record is both a departure and continuation on where MDNA left.  There were lots of unanswered questions in that record if it was an autobiographical album.  In this record, some answers were given on matters about relationships and her stature as formidable pop artist.  She wore the badge proudly of being hurt and move on gracefully after a failed relationship in “Living For Love.”  In “Devil Pray” she insinuated of escaping problems through drugs, alcohol, and vices.

She was egoistic in some of the songs such as “Iconic, “Queen”, and “Vedi Vedi, and Vici”, telling people how she made and how she is right now.  She was playful in songs like “Bitch I’m Madonna.  She was angry in “Heartbreak City.  She was quite forgiving in “Messiah.”  She sings like a nymphomaniac in “SEX” and Best Night.”

Musically this album is a fusion of many musical styles and fortunately her experimentation with mixing EDM, trip hop, dance, retro dance, power ballads were very effective.  Listening to this album is like watching a suspense movie, you are in pins and needles waiting what will happen next. The forward button in your play will never be useful in this record.  You will really play the whole album because her songs are more like her.  She is no longer the girl in MDNA.

I say this record is definitely one her best and will rank up there as one of classic albums of all time and join “Ray of Ligh,” American Life,” and “Music.”  I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.

P>S. After listening to some songs, you have this feeling that Karen Carpenter is reincarnated. She just sounded like her in some of the songs particularly among the ballads.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


2 thoughts on “Album Review :        REBEL HEART (DELUXE EDITION)

  1. Certainly Rebel Heart can stand on its own merits, but somehow I like how you related it to the previous album, MDNA. The “girl gone wild” has grown into a rebel with a heart.


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