Album Review : ARTPOP

Artist            :        LADY GAGA

Genre           :        POP / EDM /DANCE

Date Released:         2013

After more than a year after this album was released I think this one deserves a review just to find out if this record stood the test time after more than a year.  This third album from the eccentric Lady Gaga is supposed to be one of a kind album; she even had the nerve to insinuate at the time prior to its release that this will be the album of the millennium.  Here are some reviews of the different tracks in the album.

Aura hahahaha portion in the song introduction reminds me of “Peek A Boo” by Devo.  “Venus” feels like a fast number of that “Intergalactic Song” done by The Carpenters of long ago.  And the vocal performance feels like an insecure imitation of any Grace Jones songs.  “G. U. Y” doesn’t have one of a kind song introduction and very Europop, this song is a contradiction if you want to say that this is an art album. There is this wrong connotation inputted to listeners that you need to put in lots of instruments and mash up with lots of different musical styles in order to be considered art; but no her mash up with this song resulted in a very confusing song. Thus, you end up liking better any Bjork record if you want experimental sounds.

“Sexxx Dreams” is an obvious song about sex and touching one’s self but, “I Touch Myself” by The Divinyls has better lyrics than this record.  Again, too much synthesizers destroyed the sex from being sexy.  She should have studied “Erotica” by Madonna if Gaga want to make her own sex song.  “Jewels n Drugs” is a throwaway song for me, I expected a very trippy song not a partial rap song.  “Manicure” has a good musical structure, had it not had silly title and lyrics, it could have her “Shake It Off” moment.

By the time you hear “Do What You Want,” you will have a sigh of relief as finally you have a music that pleasant to hear.  This song had a great potential had she just made it a solo effort instead of featuring R. Kelly.  I am sure many of you are curious about the carrier song “Artpot.”  Fortunately, the song can rank along with “Bad Romance” in terms of melody but not lyrically.  The whole musical ambience with “Swine” will make you ask how come this song is in here when it so very generic; if this is art for her, then the album has indeed some problems.

“Donatella” is a delightful song, how I wish she did not named it as it is but other modelling terms.  “Fashion” started out well but somehow it went bad towards the middle as if she does not know how to make an impactful ending for the song.  “Mary Jane Holland” is the filler song in this album.  “Dope” is supposedly inspired with drug taking moment but somehow the whole song feels like a plea for understanding.  “Gypsy’ feels like an attempt to channel Kate Bush moment but with mixed results. With regard to “Applause,” this is an inferior song not worthy of her stature.

As a whole, the album is tolerable if you ignore the pretention that this is an art record.  This is just pure pop record nothing more nothing less.  If we limit our context in that idea that this record deserve 3.5 stars  but if we embrace this as an Artpop, then, it deserve a rating of 2 stars.  There is no art in here; if this is a painting, you just see splashes of colors and if this is a sculpture, this is just a series of disjointed elements, forms, and shapes.  Those who bought or downloaded this album may have already kept this record at the far end corner of their room since better pop albums were released after this record.’ 1989 anyone?

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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