Artist                  :       THE ORWELLS

Genre                 :       ALTERNATIVE ROCK

Date of Released     :               2014

If there was one way to describe this record based on the first song alone “Southern Comfort,” you can say that this is quite punk in terms of style.  However, when you reached the second song which is “The Righteous One,” you will think that this song is like early David Bowie in terms of character; lots of heavy guitar and hip swaying tempo.  And, then the band shifts to Ramones like sound with “Dirty Sheets.”

In “Bedroom Tile Blues,” you realized that this is a modern group not a remnant of old school rock.  The song has shades of The Jonas Brothers with vocals like that of 5 Seconds of Summer.  The same can be said with “Let It Burn” “Who Needs You” has vocal structure that is similar to “Whip It” by Devo and it even sounds half similar in terms of sound.  “Norman” is like “Roll With It” by Oasis in terms of vocal performance.

“Always N’ Forever” is one song in this record that you can say that speaks of musical styl for the band; full angst but delivered quite joyfully, which is an irony to say the least.  “Blood Bubbles” solidify that impression when you consider how angry the guitar riff in this song.  “North Avenue” is an excellent song for long driving.

Basically, the album has everything you want in terms of regular album that you want to carry while on the move or while you just simply want to indulge in pure rock songs without banging your head or making your head dizzy.  I rate this record 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Ratings Description:

1 star = Ignore it

2 stars= risk it

3 stars = borrow or buy it

4 stars = buy it and keep it

5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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