Living For Love :  Review on Madonna’s Grammy 2015 Performance

The moment she announced that she will be performing at this year’s Grammy Award show, all tongues were wagging if she can still deliver show stopping performance.  Her last major event was her MDNA World Tour and that was two years ago.  Thus, people are either excited or doubtful if she still has the cards to trump the competition.

Apparently, she still has the magic.  Only she can make her fellow artists stand up and dance to her show.  It was a performance worthy to be talked about even in years to come and will definitely land in many lists of memorable Grammy performances.  She has raised the bar in terms of performances.

Her Living For Love act started with an entrance of her Minotaurs while a snippets of her video was playing in the video wall and by the time it’s her time to sing, she stood in the middle of the circle and sang as if there was no tomorrow.  While her dance moves seems to be quite awkward, still it is a performance that she always deliver.

Some dance moves were reminiscent of what she did with “Hung Up” during past Grammy performance, “Erotica / You Thrill Me” during the Confession Tour, and of course there was the dance move that she did in “Papa Don’t Preach” video.  The performance ended up with Madonna being lifted in the air to signify that she indeed will go to heaven.  It was a heavenly performance and the song was very anthemic.

You can watch the video here if you want proof of her sterling performance.

Photo Credits:  From News of Madonna via Twitter


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