Album Review: Jennifer Lopez A K A

My Jennifer Lopez AKA album review

Denal's Mind

Album Review                :       A K A

Artist                       :       Jennifer Lopez

Genre                      ;       Dance, Pop, Electronic Dance Music

This Puerto Rican singer, actress, dancer, and American Idol judge was once the ‘It” girl of showbiz in the late nineties until early 2000.  At that time, it seems she nothing she did was wrong.  People were so into her.  However, current realities tell a different story.  She has yet to dent the charts in the same manner that she did with her first three albums.  What went wrong?  The answer probably lies in this latest album.jennifer-lopez-aka

In its first week of release, her latest album A K A barely made the top five in Billboard 200 Album charts.  There are several reasons why is this so.

  1. The whole record is so generic.  Almost all songs in this record were quite similar with current pop hits delivered by Katy Perry, Miley…

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