Album Review : Rebel Heart (The First Six Songs)

Artist : Madonna
Genre : Pop / EDM / Dance
Date of Released : 2014

There were many questions raised if Madonna intentionally leaked her own album so that she has a reason to do a Beyonce (surprise release of an album). When finally she spoke about her feelings about the leaked songs, she said that it is a form of rape and artistic terrorism on her part. And knowing Madonna, she will not take this sitting down and so she officially released six songs from her forthcoming album. Let us review the first six songs.Madonna has an excellent track record; she holds the record of having the most Top 10 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 and more than 30 years in her career she still continues to be relevant. Thus, there are huge expectations on her 13th studio album; REBEL Heart.

In “Devil Pray,” she will continue to gain haters because of the message of the song. Well she is just singing about doing drugs, getting stone, and smoking weed at 56 years old. Musically, the song is a combination of country, acoustic, reggae, and world music; feels like you are listening to Taylor Swift in a Bollywood movie soundtrack.

The song “Ghostown” has a semblance with “Live To Tell in terms of musical structure. This probably the best song among the six songs she initially released. Well, when it comes to ballad, she is one of the best writers ever since, she knows how to tug your emotions. The lyrics though are somewhat comparable to “Najeeb Song” by Glory Estefan. It is quite a long time that she had a hit ballad and this is an excellent song for her to make another milestone when it comes to hit ballad song.
“Illuminati” is rather unusual title for a song. However, she is able to craft a song that is about buzzwords of one of the most favourite conspiracy theory topic. Listening to this song makes you imagine about idols and offering. And it is pretty sure that moralists and fundamentalists will nail her again with this song like labelling her again as one of the leaders of Satanic movement at the present.

It is a trip to memory lane with “Living For Love.” Suddenly, disco divas are born again in this song. She is back with writing dance classics. This is one song that follows the Madonna formula when it comes to creating hit song; nice intro, good hook, choir background, infectious dance melody, excellent refrain and chorus. It has been quite a while she made a very infectious dance song. This one feels like going to the church in a disco attire. I hope she will promote this song as this one has huge potential to become her 13th number 1 song. Fans and non fans alike will appreciate that she no longer inserted “am a girl” type of lyrics and opted for more mature lyrics in here.
I never thought that she will go reggae but she did it finally with “Unapologetic Bitch.” While there is that looming conclusion that this song can be passed of as Rihanna song but personally in terms of treatment this one so very eighties. Expect this song to appear in films as background music in beach scenes or bar scenes, this is how good the song is; totally embraceable by everyone. The only flaw here is that there was too much vocal tweaking that in some parts of the song she sounded like one of “The Chipmunks.”

The first time that she collaborated with Nikki Minaj, the reception was quite mixed or lukewarm and some people were asking what is she trying to prove in her fifties. This time around, she still did not mind the effect of their first time collaboration and she partnered again with Nikki Minaj with “Bitch I’m Madonna and this is probably one of the craziest song among the six she initially released. The song is EDM perfect; blaring sounds, thumping sounds, clapping, perfectly structure (slow fast slow fast beat and some thumping and blaring along the way in the song), and “who do you think your are lyrics.”

If the six songs are indication of something, then Madonna has ushered another era. She was right when she told her fans that the leaked demos were half baked and the real thing is still in her hands. The six songs will make even non Madonna fans clamor for the rest of the songs in Revel Heart album which will be officially released on March 10, 2015. Meantime, let us enjoy playing the songs over and over again.

Individually here are the ratings of the six songs:
Devil Pray = 3.5 stars out of 5 stars
Living For Love = 4.0 stars out of 5 stars
Unapologetic Bitch = 4.5 stars out of 5 stars
Bitch, “Im Madonna = 3.5 stars out of 5 stars
Illuminati = 3 stars out of 5 stars
Ghostown = 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

As a whole, the first six songs of Rebel Heart album of Madonna is rated 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Ratings Description:
1 star = Ignore it
2 stars= risk it
3 stars = borrow or buy it
4 stars = buy it and keep it
5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


2 thoughts on “Album Review : Rebel Heart (The First Six Songs)

  1. If you listen closely to the lyrics, Devil Pray is really an anti-drug song. Taking drugs is how “the devil’s here to fool ya” (she sings in the end). A clever song. Catchy but no nonsense. One of the best tracks so far. I’m digging her ballads here. Ghosttown, of course, is lush and dramatic. Joan of Arc sticks like glue in the head.

    Lookin’ forward to another review once the whole album is released!


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