Artist : Maroon 5
Genre : Rock / Pop
Date Released : 2014

What makes Maroon 5 thick? Well they write love songs without being mushy. They write song rock songs without being retro, heavy, and psychedelic at that. You can even dance to some of their upbeat songs despite being categorized as rock in terms of genre. This is quite debatable too as they are so pop as it can gets. Do we expect the same thing with this latest album of theirs? Let’s find out then.
The new album begins with “Maps,” what can you say it has all the usual ingredients of a potential Maroon 5 hit songs; excellent beat, the usual vocals, constructed like a dance song, and of course not pretentious lyrics. “Animals” is like a hip hop song sung by white artist. Unfortunately, the only animal you find in this song is fish and there are lots of animals to enumerate instead of including words “like a drug you are killing me.” The song “It Was Always You” is another example of how to write songs with cliché lyrics. There are many ways you can write about realizing someone is it poetically like in the case of “I Need You” by America.

What is endearing about “Unkiss Me” are the words “if you respect me, don’t protect me;” what an excellent way to tell someone to stop pretending. It works that Adam Levine delivered the song in a pleading and wailing manner. In “Sugar,” the band again tinkered around being 80’s for the meantime. It is hard to tell which band or what song they are paying homage to; the song is very eighties. As usual when you write a song about “California”, it has to be chirpy and full of sunshine even it is a song about for the brokenhearted.

As mentioned earlier, many of their songs are danceable and if you are expecting “In Your Pocket” is composed similarly with that of Alanis Morrisette, you will be in for disappointment as the song can even be sung by Rihanna or Katy Perry. The band delivers a song about treachery way very delightfully; dancing when you discovered your partner betrayed you. If you want a song that can be both anthemic musically and rock lyrically at the same time, listen to “New Love.” With a title “Coming Back For You,” you will surely expect a slow ballad from this band. It is disappointing though that the song is like a soundtrack to any romantic movies; generic beat, confusing musical arrangement, and tired lyrics.

“Feeling” may be the usual song from the band; it is a song that reminds you how you became endeared with this band. It is the kind of song that is neither a filler song nor a good selection; it is for the fan; and that is one thing that is sure about this song. They collaborated with Christina Aguillera before and probably they can repeat the same trick with “My Heart Is Open” that features Gwen Stefani. Well, it is quite a mystery that both chose to have a slow ballad to collaborate when the No Doubt singer has more upbeat hit songs than slow ones; as a result there was no magic in the song.
In a way, “Shoot Love” is somewhat not your usual Maroon 5 songs; this one goes like more of a Bruno Mars song. Just the same, the song is delivered well like any Maroon 5 songs you heard and not played on the radio. With “Sex and Candy” I find myself asking “why is that songs featuring the word CANDY are boring songs?” They could have excluded “Lost Stars” even though this is just a filler song; it does not have the magic like “Sunday Morning” had.

As a whole, the record is pure listening pleasure except for one song or two. Thus, I rate this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Ratings Description:
1 star = Ignore it
2 stars= risk it
3 stars = borrow or buy it
4 stars = buy it and keep it
5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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