ARTIST                     :    ROBERT PLANT

GENRE                    :    ROCK

DATE OF RELEASED   :    2014

I have lots expectations from this new record from Robert Plant. Since he went solo, he was on an artistic roll, making great singles and albums.  I, for example have been looking forward songs similar to 29 Palms.

After listening to the whole album, I have mixed feelings about the whole concept.  While he created better songs than what you usually hear from the radio, it seems that he is quite bored making this album. There is no coherent theme, some song sounded like old George Harrison melodies, and some songs have some traces of some Led Zepellin tracks.  And as a whole, you might want to embrace the record as world music instead of a rock album.

There is a huge experimentation on his part with regard to instrumentation and in some cases the use of banjo was to exploitative that it sound as another collaboration album with Alison Krauss.  Maybe, it is due to old age, he want a more subtle rock melodies and vocals thus, the absences of loud rock songs in this album.

It is not a total disappointment but how you wish that he delivered more rock songs instead of world music like or bluegrass type of music in this record.

I rate this record 2.5 stars out 5 stars.


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