Album Review                    :    The Red Carpet Massacre

Artist                                :         Duran Duran

Genre                            :         Pop / Rock

Date Released                :         2007


I say how come this record escaped my attention.  I was totally hooked with this album starting from “The Valley.” It may sound a reject from their Thank You and Wedding Album, but with R and B infusion of Timbaland, the record sounds fresh and perhaps they created a brand new musical style.  Duran Duran loyal fans would think that the collaboration would not work; in fact it did.  The carrier song “The Red Carpet Massacre” is truly one of a kind, feels like listening to a Nelly Furtado song produced by Timbaland that is reworked as a rock song.

And Justin Timberlake is featured in “Nite Runner” and “Falling Down,” and fortunately both songs did not sound like a rehash of Nsync hits or any song from Justin’s Sexy Back album.  “Falling Down” is a good song to introduce Duran Duran to new generations; it is not light rock nor heavy pop. It feels like a rework of a Beatle song done by Oasis.  “Skin Divers” is a good song that merges pop,rock, and R and B; despite the obvious similarity with an old song of Duran Duran which is “All Along the Water.” The song “Tempted” might be that one song supposed to be recorded by Justin Timberlake but decided to give it other artists.  All elements of a Justin Timberlake hits are there, I wonder how come Duran Duran did not make a hit song out of this.

The band also dabbled in this record into instrumental rock and while the guitar riff is not comparable to that Slash did in “Black and White” single from Michael Jackson, still it is a good alternative piece of music where you want to avoid the usual stuff pop/rock songs are made of; wailing vocals.  I was surprised with “Zoom In,” after listening some Timbaland infused song early part of the record, I thought it will be boring to hear another on

This is one rare album where almost all songs are worth listening to. Thus, I give this record 4 stars out of 5 stars.



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