Album Review: Raoul and The Kings of Spain

Album Review : Raoul and The Kings of Spain
Artist : Tears For Fears
Genre : Pop / Rock
Year of Released : 2006

1995 Front

As one of the most popular bands in the eighties and made some hits and thought provoking songs during the nineties, one can’t help and wonder how this band will transform or continue after the millennium. In 2006, Tears for Fears released this album to show to that they are still around. With regard to music, let us review each song in this record, if they are still worth listening and not just considering them as legacy artist.

Raoul and The Kings Spain – sounds like an unreleased song from their Sowing The Seeds of Love Album.

Falling Down –has this “Smoke on the Water” similarities thus, you might consider this as pop version of that song by Deep Purple.

Secrets – the song is a cross between Imagine by John Lennon due to piano rendition in some parts of the song and an Elton John ballad due to vocal delivery in this song.

God’s Mistake – the guitar introduction seems like an off-take from early REM works. This song has all the elements of a Tears for Fears song fans will like; good hook and nice melody, thought provoking lyrics, guitar showdown in the middle song, and a beat one can sway easily.

Sketches of Pain – is a folk country song, and it is not surprising the band has this kind of song as each studio album they produced there is always one song like this included in the album. And there is a bit of surprise towards the later part of the song as it shifts from folk and country elements to flamenco. Somehow, it did work.

Los Reyes Catylicos – you can escape this song if you feel like this is quite an anomaly in this record.

Sorry – what seems to be a sombre song turns into a rock song unfortunately this song seems like taken from their archive of unreleased songs during late 90’s.

Hundrum and Humble – has a scattered intro but is a great rock ballad with upbeat tempo more like U2esque delivery.

I Chose You – is like “I Believe” from their early record.
Don’t Drink The Water – one of their best songs so far. It is more like a fusion of their early works and elements they exploited in “Sowing The Seeds of Love” album. It’s like Nickelback meets REM.

Me and My Big Ideas – they are trying to duplicate their success with “Woman In Chains” however, the song is somewhat forced as it has no unforgettable lines.

The verdict is that Tears for Fears did not lose their touch. They even become better and current rock band can learn few things from them like composing songs with good melodies, intelligent lyrics, nice refrain, and vocal maturity.

I give this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Looking forward for more future Tears for Fears Record.

Rating’s Description:
1 star = Ignore it
2 stars= risk it
3 stars = borrow or buy it
4 stars = buy it and keep it
5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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