Album Review : Fall For You

Album Review : FALL FOR YOU
Artist : Leela James
Genre : Pop / R AND B/ HIP HOP
For a black female performer, Leela James effort in this album is quite forced. There is a lot of shrieking and shrilling singing in this record which is quite a nuisance considering that most of the songs in this record have more or relaxed melodies which only need sincere vocal performance. There is that feeling that she is telling listeners hey I got the pipes inherited from Whitney.

Most of the songs that one hears here, there is that element where her voice seems to break down. The question is if this intentional and part of the approach or her voice just cannot reach high notes. What happens therefore is that some songs were destroyed, for example, “Give It” has a seduction factor but her singing seems to be wailing. Another example is in the song “Do Me Right,” what started as a good ballad complete with pleading emotion and vocal delivery, the listener is distracted with what sounds like a cracked voice in the middle of the chorus. It is quite stressful because one has that belief that the singer doesn’t have the pipes to sing songs Whitney is known for.

As a whole, the album is a vocal irritation. If not for the more than satisfactory musical melodies and instrumentations of “Save Me” So Good,” and “Stay With Me”, this is a total disaster. I rate this record 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Rating’s Description:
1 star = Ignore it
2 stars= risk it
3 stars = borrow or buy it
4 stars = buy it and keep it
5 = buy, keep, and treasure it


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