Album Review : Romantic Smooth Jazz

Album Review : Romantic Smooth Jazz
Artist : Ed Smith
Genre : Jazz

With an ordinary album title, you won’t have high expectations when you encounter this album. Considering that Ed Smith plays the saxophone, there is also a tendency to compare this record with any album done by Kenny G. Pop jazz album is usually intended to relax listeners in terms of purpose. Thus, this kind of record is judge based on the ability to smooth different moods of the listeners.

The total feel of the album is Kenny G meets Earl Klugh and meets George Benson. In other words, you will only find music that relaxes your senses or mood altering songs. Listeners will find “Night Lights,” “Romance Dance,” “A Soothing Sound,” “Hold on Tight,” “Just Say,” and “No More Loneliness.” These sounds will not entice a good sex but rather as good musical background while trying to fall asleep or read a good book, or maybe while cooking a delicious meal.

This album might not join the ranks of all time classic jazz albums but this one is a good buy. I rate this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars basing on the good songs that were enumerated.


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