Album Review : AMAZING

Album Review : Amazing
Artist : Marcia Hines
Genre : Pop / R and B

AMAZING -marcia hines
Will this album live to it title?

“Amazing” is the first song that you will hear in this record. It is amazing indeed that you are listening to a black (excuse the word) Katy Perry. There are several parts of the song that will make you think that this is a spin off of “Roar”. Marcia Hines has an amazing voice too and listening to her belt out high notes, you don’t feel that she is struggling her breath or try very hard reaching out those high notes. “Line in the Sand” though is not an amazing song as it is something that Randy Crawford, Dianne Reeves, and Dinah Caroll did already.

“Coldest Winter Nights” has good piano background but the melody is quite ordinary. “Imagine” is a predictable song. The song is constructed like the one which Lennon sang. “Let Love Flow” is the kind of music that you suspected might works very well with her voice. It is a catchy tune laden with EDM influences and sang effortlessly by Marcia. Her collaboration with Russell Crowe feels like an 80’s soundtrack, nothing great the song can offer. If you are expecting that “Hung Up” is a remake of Madonna’s hit, sad to say, it is not and you can escape this song. “Equals Three” started out good but the guitar wailing background destroyed the ambient mode of the song.

“Heartache” starts like an Alicia Key’s song, if you feel the same way, I could not fault you as this song has indeed an uncanny resemblance with “Ain’t Got You.” The rest of songs in this album, are just worth listening if you are a huge fan of hers. I give this one 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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