Cinemalaya 2014 – Director’s Showcase Predictions

Whatever Carl, Whatever


This is a very underwhelming list (save Kasal and Hari ng Tondo, both of which I think were great).  Only two out of the five were categorically good.  The other were mediocre, and the other is the worst film of the festival (excluding Searching Oella).  If I would be given the chance, “Kasal” would snag majority of the awards here.

Would Win? HUSTISYA.  Third time is the charm for Joel Lamangan?
Could Win? THE JANITOR.  The well made crime thriller that is getting raves.
Should Win? KASAL.  Arguably the best film of the bunch.  I am seriously questioning myself if it is Altarejos’ best.

Would Win? KASAL.  Wishful thinking.  In a way, it is a brave, brave film.
Could Win? HARI NG TONDO.  Because come one, there are only two films in this category that are actually worth watching again.
Should Win?  HARI NG TONDO.

Would Win?…

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