Album Review :

Album Review : Going To Hell
Artist : The Pretty Reckless
Genre : Rock

Cover by V......
The album begins with a woman in moaning in the background before guitar riffs are heard. The abruptness of change in the mood in “Follow Me Down” will catch listeners by surprise and will give the first song a chance to be heard. And, the listener is not yet ready to make a quick judgment based on the first song alone. Proceeding to second song “Going To Hell” gives now the listener a more concrete idea about this band.

For a rock band with a female vocalist, this one delivers quite a punch. The lead vocalist has a powerful voice along the likes of Deborah Harry and Patty Smythe. However, there is a tendency for the whole album to be boring as it is quite retro in terms of feel. All the elements of 70s rock are found utilized here; lots of guitar slumming, wailing and yelling, lyrics about frustrations, and psychedelic riffs and intros.

In general, the production aspect of the whole album is quite dated. I rate this album 1 star out of 5 stars. There is nothing unique and it is quite a pity as mentioned early on, the vocalist has a strong voice. In fact, you cannot tell the differences when you compare some of the songs in here to that of soundtracks that you heard in porn movies.


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