Album Review : Find Your Harmony
Artist : Andrew Rayel
Genre : Electronica

Listening to the first song “Find Your Harmony,” you will never suspect that this is an electronic album. You think that the synthesizers and electronic instruments were just cover ups to make the album more contemporary and would not be mistaken as instrumental albums in the league of Richard Clayderman for example. But, once you reached the second song “Dark Warrior,” you will be caught flatfooted with EDM influence in the song. After listening to “Impulse” (the third song) you will find yourself drawn in and excited to finish the whole album.
EDM music tends to be generic in terms of sounds.
However, in this record, you will never feel the generic aspect in the whole record. For example, “Hold on To Your Love” might have sounds and music similar to what Darude and other electronica artist had produced, Rayel treated the song as if it is more than a dancefloor stuff but peppered it lots of instruments and cold vocals to make it as one dance anthems you will not get tired dancing. The beats that you hear will definitely tempt you to move your body and won’t make your head spin like some EDM music that only has one chord arrangement and repeated many times until the music is over.

He knows how to intersperse slow and fast beat to break monotony. He knows how to collaborate and create wonderful tune like his partnership with Armin Van Buuren in “Eiforoya”; together they blended well and made a sound which you cannot tell if it is Rayel or Armin’s. He is consistent with his musical structure and instruments used thus, you have this feeling that he is able to hold all songs together with or without vocals. He can compose great dance music like “One In A Million” and “Goodbye” which are destined to be dance club stuff. He is also capable of creating music intended for anthologies like “Fading Echoes.”

I rate this album 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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