Album Review : BRIDGES

Album Review : BRIDGES
Artist : JOE
Genre : Pop / R AND B/ HIP HOP
bridges joe

In the first song “Fortune Teller,” Joe asked told someone “how beautiful you are.” Let us see, if we can say the same thing on his Bridge album.

“Fortune Teller” is quite catchy and danceable, however, towards the end there is a bit of refrain that is quite similar with R Kelly’s “Step in The Name of Love” bridge. “Till The Rope Gives Way” provided him a means to connect with Motown days and show to listeners that he has the voice to tackle old songs of long ago. You will realize that he has the vocal quality which is quite absent in some current singers today; rich in timbre. “The Rest Will Follow” entices listeners to go further with this album. The song is pure ballad with the just the right amount of instruments as musical back-up.

His collaboration with 50 Cent in “Mary Jane” is just okay, just a rework of songs from his late 90’s album. Carrier songs should be always good as this is the usual first single released and listeners and fans alike will use the carrier single as the barometer for other songs in this album. Unfortunately, “Bridges” starts quite dragging and the whole song seems to be culled from any Craig David albums. There is a tendency for songs with SEX as part of its title to become predictable; moaning and innuendos. I did not predict that Joe will treat “Love Sex Hollywood” like Prince did with some of his songs dealing with sex; falsetto vocal delivery.

“For Love” feels like a hodgepodge of different beats that already worked with hit songs from other performers. “Love Undefeated” is the song that I expect to hear from him; nice groove, catchy beat, and relaxed vocal delivery. “Dilemma” is a song that Joe might believe will work just like “I Wanna Know” did for him. Sadly, it won’t. It has nice vocal harmony but the Hip Hop arrangement destroy the feel of the song. He could have opted with groove similar to “Love Undefeated” but a little bit slower. “If You Lose Her” could be renamed as “Baby Come Back Part 2”, in many ways both songs are similar.

There is no need for long review to deduce that this album is just average. However, there is some charm in some of the songs in this album despite being the usual stuff. So, I rate this record 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.


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