Album Reviews : 22 Jump Street

Album Review : Official Soundtrack 22 JUMP STREET (2014)
Genre : Pop
jump street
With the success of Frozen soundtrack, there are indeed many people are crossing their fingers to achieve similar feat that Disney album has achieved. But, in reality, you can only count on few soundtracks which achieve immortalities like The Bodyguard, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Frozen. This is probably to reason that this is just a compilation album and producers just want musical elements that compliments with the film. So, how is 21 Jump Street different from other soundtracks?

Nope, there are no differences. In fact it has all the requirements that are necessary to produce a movie soundtrack that will make people remember some scenes in the movie. For example, “NRG” by Skrillex and others will remind of undercover moments where the agents are pretending as waiters or bouncers complete with boobsie girls in their micro minis. (Note: this review was written without seeing the movie.) It is just one good song in this soundtrack. “Get Up” which features Far East, just summarized what the whole album is all about; fancy tunes, trite lyrics, and beats that will remind you of older hits of decades and years ago. And, also describe similarly what you will in the movie; action packed scenes, comedy moments, and some shallow conflicts and long resolution of the story.

For a soundtrack, this compilation is definitely good. Although, only time can tell if this will rank up there with other soundtrack greats. But, it will be such a waste if audiophiles will not discover this record. Most of the songs performed by different artists can be considered as commercial singles and need to be promoted to radio. Good beats in this record are: “Check My Steezo” by Blind Scuba Drivers, “Wasted” by Tiesto, “Get Up” by Bingo Players, and the carrier single “22 Jump Street” by Angel Haze.

Definitely, it is a good record to play on your car audio system while going on a long drive. I rate this album 3.5 stars out 5 stars.


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